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Birth Registration - FAQ

How to apply for BRN?

A birth registration application has to be completed ONLINE. Please click on the link

Which documents are required for BRN?

For Adult Bangladesh Nationals:

  • One passport size photograph of the applicant;
  • Certified copy of Bangladesh passport;
  • Certified copy of birth certificate / SSC Certificate
  • Payment receipt;

For a child of Bangladeshi nationals born overseas:

  • Parents’ digital Birth Certificate (for children born after 2001);
  • One passport size photograph of the child;
  • Child’s overseas birth certificate (original) OR, a photocopy of overseas birth certificate attested by a JP/GP/Police/Pharmacists;
  • Original Bangladesh passport (valid or expired) of either of the parents along with a photocopy; OR, A photocopy of the information page of the passport of either of the parents attested by a JP/GP/Police/Pharmacists;
  • Mobile number and email address of either of the parents.


Is it mandatory to have parent’s digital BRN (17 digit) for applying children BRN?


Is it possible to correct /amend the BRN from the Bangladesh High Commission if it was not issued from the High Commission?

Answer: No; the application for correction should be submitted to the BRN issuing authority.

How many days are required obtaining a birth certificate?

15 days after fulfilling all the requirements.

What is the fee for BRN?
  • Within 45 days of birth: Free of charge
  • After 45 days of birth: A$ 2.00


What are the changes that could be made in the BRN certificate?

All kind of wrong information may be changed with correct information.

What is the process for rectification of an error?

The High Commission cannot help rectify an error. Applicants can apply for correction following the link